Airbus Awarded $27.8 Million U.S. Army Contract to Enhance UH-72A Lakota Helicopter Capabilities

Airbus Awarded $27.8 Million U.S. Army Contract to Enhance UH-72A Lakota Helicopter Capabilities

Airbus, a prominent player in the aerospace industry, has secured a substantial contract worth $27.8 million from the U.S. Army. The contract is geared towards expanding the operational capabilities of the UH-72A Lakota twin-engine utility helicopter. This initiative, known as the Army National Guard Security and Support Battalion Mission Equipment Package (MEP), entails a comprehensive set of upgrades aimed at enhancing the helicopter's performance.

The MEP upgrades encompass a range of advanced features, including an upgraded moving map system, improved digital interfaces, state-of-the-art monitors, and an advanced airborne mission management system. These enhancements are poised to elevate the helicopter's operational effectiveness and efficiency.

The contract's scope extends to the retrofitting of up to 50 aircraft among the existing fleet of 107 UH-72As within the Security and Support Battalion. This strategic move aligns with the Army's objective of modernizing its assets to meet the demands of evolving missions.

Scott Tumpak, Vice President of Airbus U.S. Space and Defense military line of business, emphasized the significance of this contract by stating, "This award provides pilots with significantly increased functionality and capability to carry out today’s demanding missions, further enhancing the Lakota’s value as an ISR asset for the National Guard."

The upgraded UH-72As equipped with the MEP enhancements are tailored to fulfill the specific requirements of National Guard operations, including domestic missions, counter-drug operations, and border security tasks. The modifications will be meticulously executed at Airbus's production facility located in Columbus, Mississippi.

Airbus's extensive track record in delivering helicopters to the U.S. Army speaks volumes about its expertise and commitment. Having supplied over 480 UH-72A and UH-72B Lakota helicopters since 2006, Airbus continues to solidify its position as a reliable partner in enhancing the Army's aviation capabilities.
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