Aspen Avionics and Trio Avionics Join Forces for Affordable Autopilot-Display Integration

Aspen Avionics and Trio Avionics Join Forces for Affordable Autopilot-Display Integration

Aspen Avionics, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, has unveiled a collaboration with Trio Avionics to seamlessly integrate the Trio Pro Pilot autopilot with Aspen Avionics display systems across a range of over a dozen aircraft models. The joint effort offers an integrated package that combines the autopilot and Aspen's Evolution E5 flight display, available at a competitive price point of $10,750.

Trio's Pro Pilot is a two-axis digital autopilot, boasting the same performance and safety attributes as Trio's other systems, now presented in a single, panel-mounted instrument. This combined autopilot and display solution offers dynamic functionality, allowing control of the autopilot through the Aspen display, as highlighted in the co-announcement by Aspen and Trio.

Mark Ferrari, Aspen's Vice President of Sales and Customer Support, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, "Aspen welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with Trio Avionics to provide an affordable digital autopilot/electronic flight display (EFIS) system for aircraft owners seeking an alternative option beyond a single manufacturer. We continue to offer an open integration platform that provides aircraft owners a choice when it comes to equipping their aircraft with the latest technology."

The Aspen Evolution E5 and Pro MAX flight display functions, suitable for integration with the Trio Pro Pilot autopilot, encompass capabilities such as Selected Heading, Selected Course, Corrected Barometric Altitude, Selected Altitude, GPSS, and GPS LPV approaches. The pricing for Trio's Pro Pilot autopilot starts at $5,995, with integration enablement software for Aspen display(s) available at $200. Customers who already have a Trio autopilot installed can facilitate integration by returning their control head to Trio Avionics for a fee of $400.
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