Bearhawk Aircraft Introduces DeltaHawk DHK180 Engine Option for Bearhawk 4-Place Kit Aircraft

Bearhawk Aircraft Introduces DeltaHawk DHK180 Engine Option for Bearhawk 4-Place Kit Aircraft

Bearhawk Aircraft, renowned for its kit aircraft models, has unveiled an exciting addition to its offerings shortly after this year's AirVenture. The newly certified DeltaHawk DHK180 engine will now be available as an option for the Bearhawk 4-Place kit aircraft. This model traditionally comes equipped with a choice of powerplants, including a four-cylinder, 180-HP, or a six-cylinder, 250-HP Lycoming gas engine. The development of the firewall-forward package for this new engine variant is currently underway at DeltaHawk's facility in Racine, Wisconsin, with installation taking place on an airframe in the construction phase.

Mark Goldberg, President of Bearhawk Aircraft, shared insights into the motivation behind this collaboration, saying, "We receive frequent inquiries from pilots worldwide who operate in areas with limited access to or high costs of 100LL avgas. For these builders, the DeltaHawk option holds significant appeal. Moreover, many U.S.-based builders seek alternative engine choices, and the cost-efficient DeltaHawk, which runs on Jet A, presents an enticing solution."

Dennis Webb, an Aircraft Engine DER at DeltaHawk overseeing the certification process, emphasized the enhanced capabilities that the DeltaHawk DHK180 will bring to the Bearhawk aircraft series. He stated, "Bearhawk designs are already exceptional in terms of payload capacity and STOL capabilities, combined with impressive cruise speeds. Integrating the DeltaHawk DHK180 engine into a Bearhawk airframe will notably expand its performance envelope, particularly in altitude performance, range, and operational cost reduction."

While specific package pricing details have yet to be released, DeltaHawk has previously indicated engine prices of around $60,000 for the experimental market. By offering this alternative engine option, Bearhawk Aircraft aims to provide builders with increased flexibility and cost-efficient solutions, reinforcing their commitment to innovation within the kit aircraft industry. The completion of the Bearhawk 4-Place, outfitted with the DeltaHawk DHK180 engine, will further enrich the line-up, joining the ranks alongside the twin Velocity and Cirrus SR20 aircraft already utilizing the compression-ignition DeltaHawk powerplant.
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