Canadian Piper M600 Aircraft Operators Granted Approval for Garmin Autoland System

Canadian Piper M600 Aircraft Operators Granted Approval for Garmin Autoland System

In a significant development, Canadian operators of Piper Aircraft's M600 single-engine turboprops have now received the green light to utilize the Garmin Autoland system. Piper made the announcement on August 3, revealing that it has secured approval from Transport Canada's Civil Aviation (TCAA) authorities for the M600/SLS HALO safety system. This advanced system encompasses the innovative Garmin Autoland feature along with a standalone autothrottle.

Piper elaborated that the HALO system possesses the capability to assume control and expertly guide the aircraft to the nearest runway for a precise landing, should the need arise. Activation can be initiated manually by a passenger using a designated switch on the instrument panel. Moreover, HALO is designed to automatically engage if it detects pilot incapacitation, triggering activation after two minutes in LVL (Level) mode of the autopilot or when emergency descent mode is engaged at an altitude of 14,100 feet. Employing the Garmin GFC 700 autopilot, the system seamlessly integrates various components including a flight director, autopilot, automatic trim, and yaw damper into the existing Garmin G3000 suite. This integration facilitates the aircraft's navigation to the nearest suitable airport, culminating in a fully automated landing process that encompasses crucial elements such as ATC coordination, communication, engine shutdown, and door opening.

For M600/SLS aircraft already operational in Canada, a retrofit kit containing essential HALO components, coupled with a software update, will enable the complete Autoland system functionality.

Ron Gunnarson, Piper’s Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support, expressed, “The certification of HALO in Canada is an important accomplishment for M600 owners, Piper, and our Canadian dealer, Aviation Unlimited. It is our mission to bring the latest and greatest technology in our aircraft to customers worldwide.”
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