Extra Aircraft Unveils First Production Extra 330SX at EAA AirVenture

Extra Aircraft Unveils First Production Extra 330SX at EAA AirVenture

During the EAA AirVenture event, Extra Aircraft's CEO Duncan Koerbel introduced the buyer of the inaugural production Extra 330SX. Longtime Extra operator and Advanced/Unlimited USA Team pilot Bob Freeman was presented as the proud owner of this highly anticipated aerobatic aircraft. The event, held at the International Aerobatics Club building, marked a significant moment for both Extra Aircraft and Freeman, who sat in the front row during the press conference.

The Extra 330SX, which had its maiden flight in June and was publicly introduced on July 8, is specifically designed to enhance aerobatic agility and provide greater comfort for larger pilots. To achieve this, Extra removed approximately 12 inches of tubing between the firewall and the cockpit, shifting the pilot's center of gravity (CG) station forward and significantly improving agility in all axes. The weight savings resulting from this modification are relatively minor, around 20 pounds, but the reduction in inertia by 20 percent is a substantial improvement, according to Koerbel.

The cockpit of the 330SX also boasts increased width and headroom, providing better accommodation for larger pilots. The control stick has been elevated with reduced travel, while maintaining the same angle of deflection. This adjustment has proven particularly beneficial for Marcus Extra, the son of company founder Walter Extra, who is known for his larger build.

Further enhancements to the 330SX include a 60 percent larger aileron horn, redesigned wingtips, and the reintroduction of aileron spades, a welcome return for Extra enthusiasts. The aircraft also features upgraded wing sealing gaskets, new Alpha gates to enhance stall characteristics, and a redesigned cowling to improve engine cooling.

During the press conference, Koerbel also highlighted Extra Aircraft's achievements on the global stage, with record deliveries in 2022 and 2023. The company has improved production efficiency to reduce backlog, and a new factory-backed facility in DeLand, Florida, aims to meet the increasing demand for Extra aircraft. Currently, the Extra production models include the Extra NG, 330LX, 330SC, and the groundbreaking 330SX. With over 800 Extra aircraft flying worldwide, the brand continues to gain popularity among aviation enthusiasts and aerobatic pilots alike.
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