FAA Clarifies: No Use of Chat GPT in Air Traffic Systems or Code Writing

FAA Clarifies: No Use of Chat GPT in Air Traffic Systems or Code Writing

In response to a recent report by the Department of Transportation (DOT) listing Chat GPT usage in FAA systems, the FAA has issued a statement denying any use of Chat GPT in its air traffic operations (ATO) or any other systems. The list, which compiles AI use across government organizations, included three instances of Chat GPT application within the ATO, prompting a swift response from the agency.

"The FAA does NOT use Chat GPT in any of its systems, including air traffic systems," the FAA informed FedScoop, an IT news outlet. The agency clarified that the inclusion of Chat GPT references in the DOT's list was a mistake and has since been corrected.

According to the original DOT list, the FAA was said to have used Chat GPT for "Automated Delay Detection using voice processing" and for classifying incident reports. However, the most concerning reference was the claim that the FAA utilized Chat GPT to assist in writing computer code for the ATO. This raised alarm due to Chat GPT's reputation for producing error-prone and insecure code, as reported by an Australian expert on the subject.

After receiving clarification from the FAA, the DOT promptly removed all references to Chat GPT from its list of AI applications, ensuring accurate reporting of AI use across government agencies.
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