FAA Extends Comment Period for MOSAIC Proposed Rulemaking by 90 Days

FAA Extends Comment Period for MOSAIC Proposed Rulemaking by 90 Days

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has granted an additional 90-day extension for public comments on the Modernization of Special Airworthiness Certification (MOSAIC) notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM). Originally slated to close on October 23, the comment period has now been extended to January 22, 2024. This extension comes in response to requests from eight trade advocacy groups, including the Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA).

These advocacy groups, which include the Aeronautical Repair Station Association, Aviation Suppliers Association, Aviation Technician Education Council, Helicopter Association International, International Air Response Inc., Modification and Replacement Parts Association, and the National Air Transportation Association, have expressed concerns about various aspects of the MOSAIC proposal.

MOSAIC aims to expand the eligibility criteria for certification as light sport aircraft and increase the authority and opportunities available to sport pilots. However, the advocacy groups, including the AEA, argue that there has not been sufficient discussion on several amendments to nine separate regulations. These amendments encompass topics such as definitions, certification standards, maintenance standards, airman certification, operating rules, and the certification of commercial operators.

The AEA is actively reviewing the proposal to assess its potential impact on member companies and employees, focusing on identifying inconsistencies, duplications, and unintended consequences. The examination primarily centers on four key areas: continued operational safety, limitations on modernization and upgrades to light sport aircraft, personnel issues, and repetitive rulemaking.

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