FedEx Encourages Pilots to Explore Opportunities with American Airlines Subsidiary

FedEx Encourages Pilots to Explore Opportunities with American Airlines Subsidiary

FedEx, the world's largest parcel shipping company, has provided career guidance to its pilots, suggesting they explore opportunities with other carriers. Pat DiMento, the company's VP of flight operations and training, cited a lack of sufficient business to maintain full pilot employment and proposed that they consider an offer from American Airlines' regional subsidiary, PSA. PSA is actively targeting FedEx pilots, offering an enticing $250,000 signing bonus for them to join as PSA captains, providing a direct pathway to the mainline after gaining experience with the regional airline.

In a memo addressed to pilots, DiMento acknowledged that this proposal might not be suitable for every pilot. However, for those who have encountered challenges related to current flight hours, career advancement, or have been contemplating other opportunities, the unique incentives provided by PSA may sway their decision to make a move.

This development arises from reports in July indicating that FedEx had an excess of approximately 700 pilots due to a significant decline in parcel volumes earlier in the year. With parcel volumes continuing to decrease, the surplus is likely to expand. As of July, the company had approximately 5,800 pilots on its roster.

Regional airlines are currently facing a shortage of flight crew, particularly captains. Major airlines have recruited numerous captains from regional carriers to serve as First Officers and have nearly restored their pilot numbers to pre-COVID levels. In contrast, regional airlines have been compelled to reduce flight frequencies and ground aircraft, primarily due to the scarcity of available captains.

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