FedEx Services Disrupted by FAA IT Outage in Memphis Hub

FedEx Services Disrupted by FAA IT Outage in Memphis Hub

FedEx issued an alert on October 25, announcing service disruptions attributed to an issue with the FAA's information technology (IT) infrastructure that impacted the carrier's hub in Memphis, Tennessee. The alert on the FedEx website stated, "FedEx experienced disruptions at the Memphis hub last night due to an FAA IT outage," and noted that contingency plans were in place to ensure continued service to the best of their ability.

The disruption led to delays in FedEx's delivery operations. Additionally, FedEx clarified that, based on the provisions outlined in its service guide, shipments delayed due to this outage would not be eligible for a refund or credit under the Money-Back Guarantee policy.

Interestingly, FedEx's major competitor, United Parcel Service (UPS), based in Louisville, Kentucky, reported no delays caused by the FAA IT outage. The FAA itself did not respond to requests for further information regarding the incident.

On a more positive note, FedEx shared some good news on its Alerts page. It announced that FedEx International inbound and outbound service to and from Israel had been reinstated. The pick-up and delivery services would be performed in accordance with local authority instructions, provided it was safe and possible.

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