Garmin Unveils GHA 15 'Height Advisor' Radar Altimeter for Small Aircraft

Garmin Unveils GHA 15 'Height Advisor' Radar Altimeter for Small Aircraft

Garmin, a leading aviation technology company, has introduced its latest innovation in radar altimeters for small aircraft with the GHA 15 "Height Advisor." This device, now available for experimental and light sport aircraft, provides accurate Above Ground Level (AGL) altitude measurements starting from 500 feet. The GHA 15 integrates seamlessly with Garmin's G3X Touch displays in non-certified aircraft, offering pilots real-time altitude information.

Utilizing advanced radar technology, the GHA 15 continuously emits multiple radar signals per second towards the ground or water below, enabling precise altitude readouts. It provides pilots with a constant display of their AGL altitude, enhancing situational awareness during landings and in areas where barometric altimeter setting information may be limited, such as backcountry flying.

In addition to the visual altitude display, the GHA 15 also offers adjustable audible altitude callouts, allowing pilots to customize the alerts based on their preferences. The compact hardware, slightly larger than a deck of cards, is easily attached to the aircraft's belly, weighing less than a pound. Garmin assures pilots that installation is straightforward and hassle-free.

The GHA 15 radar altimeter is priced at $1995.00, offering an affordable solution for small aircraft owners seeking enhanced altitude awareness capabilities. With its compact design and precise measurements, the GHA 15 provides pilots with valuable information to improve landing procedures and navigate challenging environments.
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