Garmin's Autoland and Autothrottle Technology to Receive FAA Retrofit Certification for Beechcraft King Air Aircraft

Garmin's Autoland and Autothrottle Technology to Receive FAA Retrofit Certification for Beechcraft King Air Aircraft

Garmin has made a significant announcement on July 19, stating that FAA retrofit certification for its Autoland and Autothrottle technology is on the verge of approval for Beechcraft King Air twin turboprops equipped with Garmin G1000 NXi avionics. The King Air 200 series will be the first to undergo certification, followed closely by the larger 300-series aircraft. The implementation of this advanced technology brings to mind a past incident in 2009, where a King Air pilot experienced a medical emergency and a low-time single-engine pilot successfully landed the aircraft, resulting in tragic consequences. With Garmin's Autoland and Autothrottle advancements, such scenarios can potentially lead to safer outcomes.

Phil Straub, Garmin's Executive Vice President and Managing Director for aviation, expressed enthusiasm about bringing Autoland and Autothrottle capabilities to the Beechcraft King Air, marking the first-time introduction of these technologies to the aftermarket. He emphasized the significance of transforming the general and business aviation fleet with autonomous safety-enhancing technologies. The G1000 King Air retrofit program, launched in 2007 with the King Air C90, has seen success with over 800 G1000 retrofits in the King Air fleet. The new upgrade path to Autoland and Autothrottle will benefit these operators.

The Garmin Autothrottle retrofit installation complements the Autoland upgrade by enabling automatic engine control through the power levers. In critical situations, such as engine-out scenarios during takeoff, the Autothrottle assists in managing the failed engine's power lever while safely adjusting power inputs on the remaining engine.

Upon activation through a prominent button on the instrument panel, the acclaimed Garmin Autoland system takes charge by calculating a flight path to the most suitable airport, initiating an approach to the runway, and automatically landing the aircraft. Throughout the Autoland activation, the system communicates with passengers using clear visual and verbal cues in plain language, ensuring they are informed and aware of the situation. The Autoland technology enhances safety by providing essential information to passengers throughout the landing process.
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