GE Aerospace's GEnx Engine Family Achieves Milestone with Over 50 Million Flight Hours

GE Aerospace's GEnx Engine Family Achieves Milestone with Over 50 Million Flight Hours

GE Aerospace proudly announced a significant achievement as its GEnx engine family surpassed an impressive milestone of accumulating over 50 million flight hours. This accomplishment underscores the enduring performance and reliability of the GEnx engines, which have become a pivotal force in modern aviation.

Among these flight hours, the GEnx-1B variant played a substantial role by contributing nearly 32 million hours. Introduced into service in 2012, the GEnx-1B powers the iconic Boeing 787 Dreamliner, showcasing its enduring capabilities and adaptability. Meanwhile, the GEnx-2B, which entered service in 2011, has amassed an impressive 18 million flight hours, propelling the Boeing 747-8 to remarkable heights.

Dave Kircher, General Manager of the GE Aerospace GEnx program, expressed enthusiasm for this remarkable achievement, stating, "The GEnx engine's exceptional performance and remarkable durability have been instrumental in reaching this significant milestone. We extend our gratitude to our esteemed customers for their partnership in making this achievement possible, and we eagerly anticipate the next 50 million hours of exceptional service delivered by GEnx engines worldwide."

In a noteworthy testament to its unmatched performance, GE highlighted that the GEnx family reached the 50 million hour mark at an unparalleled pace within its widebody engine lineup. This achievement is hailed as "the fastest rate ever for a commercial widebody engine." Boasting a global presence, GEnx engines are in service with over 70 operators across the world, collectively accumulating an impressive average of more than 450,000 flight hours each month. Currently, close to 3,000 GEnx engines are in service and on backlog, attesting to the engine family's prominence and sustained impact on the aviation industry.
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