German Startup flyVbird Signs LOI for 25 All-Electric Eviation Alice Aircraft

German Startup flyVbird Signs LOI for 25 All-Electric Eviation Alice Aircraft

German startup flyVbird has signed a letter of intent (LOI) for the purchase of 25 of Eviation's Alice all-electric aircraft, with options to buy 25 more. Alice, which is now valued at over $5 billion, first made its debut at the 2019 Paris Air Show. It is the world's first flight-tested all-electric commuter aircraft, boasting zero emissions and significantly lower operating costs per hour compared to light jets or regional turboprops.

This agreement with flyVbird, dated October 16, marks Eviation's fifth announced order this year. Other notable partnerships include MONTE, Aerus, Aerolease, and Solyu. According to flyVbird, once it obtains an Air Operator Certificate, it plans to utilize Alice for decentralized and sustainable travel across Europe. This initiative aims to connect unconnected or underserved communities worldwide, providing carbon-free, cost-effective, and convenient air travel. The regional carrier's operation is focused on enhancing connectivity in rural areas, primarily utilizing smaller, more accessible airports.

Eddie Jaisaree, Vice President of Commercial Sales at Eviation, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "The European Union is moving forward with ambitious new rules aimed at decarbonizing the aviation industry. The Alice is the innovative and beautifully designed aircraft needed to lead aerospace's transition to net zero carbon emissions. We are very pleased to partner with flyVbird in the future of flight."

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