JetEXE Aviation Acquires Lancair International with Ambitious Plans

JetEXE Aviation Acquires Lancair International with Ambitious Plans

JetEXE Aviation, a Sacramento-based company specializing in maintenance, training, and charter services, has acquired Lancair International, marking a significant development in the historic kitplane company's future. According to Capt. Augustine Joseph, the owner of JetEXE Aviation, their immediate focus is to maintain support for the existing Lancair fleet. However, the company has grand plans for the iconic Lancair brand, which include introducing new aircraft designs, expanding operations, and relocating to new facilities, all of which are slated for this year.

Joseph outlined the strategy, stating that JetEXE aims to introduce advanced and innovative designs, with a particular emphasis on incorporating sustainable energy technologies in both the manufacturing process and the products themselves.

Lancair has a storied history as a pioneer in composite construction and played a vital role in popularizing the homebuilt aircraft movement in the late 20th century. The company developed 14 distinct aircraft designs, and its speedy single-engine planes are renowned for their performance. Founder Lance Niebauer sold the kit business in 2003 to focus on the certified Columbia aircraft line, which eventually transitioned to Cessna before being discontinued. In 2016, Lancair transformed into Evolution Aircraft, concentrating on pressurized turboprop models. The older kit designs were sold off, and JetEXE's recent acquisition came from Mark and Conrad Huffstatter of Uvalde, Texas, who had considered reviving kit production but had primarily focused on fleet support in recent years.

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