Leadership Transition at Textron's eAviation Division: Kriya Shortt Takes the Helm

Leadership Transition at Textron's eAviation Division: Kriya Shortt Takes the Helm

Textron, a prominent aviation and industrial conglomerate, has unveiled a significant leadership transition within its eAviation division. Kriya Shortt is slated to assume the role of President and CEO of the eAviation segment, effective from August 31, 2023. Her appointment follows the tenure of Rob Scholl, who is transitioning to the position of President and CEO of Textron Specialized Vehicles Inc. Scholl, who had overseen Textron eAviation since its establishment in 2022 following the acquisition of Slovenian aircraft developer Pipistrel, is now set to take on new responsibilities within the Textron family.

Scott Donnelly, Chairman and CEO of Textron, expressed confidence in the leadership transition, stating, "Rob and Kriya have served as outstanding leaders at our respective businesses, and I am confident they will continue to drive success in their new roles."

Kriya Shortt brings a wealth of experience to her new position, having spent 27 years within Textron's Aviation division. She most recently held the role of Senior Vice President for Global Parts and Distribution, showcasing her multifaceted expertise. Throughout her career, Shortt has held key positions such as Senior Vice President for Customer Service, Senior Vice President for Sales, and Vice President for International Sales.

Textron's eAviation division is tasked with spearheading the company's advancements in sustainable aviation. This ambitious objective involves harnessing various components of product design, certification, manufacturing, and aftermarket solutions from across Textron's diverse range of businesses. As Textron endeavors to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of aviation through innovative and sustainable practices, Shortt's leadership is poised to steer the eAviation division toward new horizons.

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