Piper Aircraft Reports Strong Growth in Deliveries and Revenue for Q2 2023

Piper Aircraft Reports Strong Growth in Deliveries and Revenue for Q2 2023

Piper Aircraft, a renowned name in aviation, unveiled impressive performance figures for the second quarter of 2023, showcasing a notable expansion in deliveries and revenue. The company's strategic approach to catering to market demand, particularly in the M-Class and trainer aircraft categories, has driven its success.

During Q2 2023, Piper observed a remarkable 14-percent surge in aircraft shipments, an accomplishment underscored by the delivery of nine additional units compared to the same period last year. This translated to a substantial 19-percent rise in revenue, a remarkable increase of more than $9 million. These achievements reflect the robust demand for Piper's M-Class family, encompassing the high-performance M600/SLS, M500 turboprops, and the piston-powered M350.

John Calcagno, President and CEO of Piper Aircraft, highlighted the company's steady growth trajectory, stating, "The demand for our high-performance M-Class family, along with strong sales of our Seminole, Archer, and Pilot 100i models, contributed significantly to this success. Moreover, our trainer aircraft segment continues to experience unprecedented demand, with backlogs extending well into late 2025 or 2026 for certain models."

Calcagno emphasized Piper's commitment to meeting market needs and preferences. Notably, the company's trainer backlog remains robust, while demand for M-Class aircraft has also translated into a promising backlog extending into the next year. Additionally, Piper reported a notable upswing of 50 percent in international deliveries during Q2 2023 compared to the same period in the previous year, further attesting to the company's global appeal and market reach.
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