Surf Air Mobility Places Order for 20 Electric Cessna Grand Caravans, with Potential for 150

Surf Air Mobility Places Order for 20 Electric Cessna Grand Caravans, with Potential for 150

Surf Air Mobility, in its exclusive partnership with Textron Aviation for the development of an alternative-energy variant of the Cessna Grand Caravan EX, has confirmed an order for the first 20 utility turboprop singles, with the option to acquire up to 150 aircraft. Deliveries of these environmentally friendly aircraft are anticipated to commence in the first half of the upcoming year. It is believed that Surf Air Mobility's initial order could potentially encompass 100 Caravans, along with options for an additional 50 units.

Textron Aviation has stated that Surf Air Mobility intends to retrofit the Cessna Grand Caravan EX single-engine turboprops with its proprietary electric or hybrid-electric powertrain technology, with the aim of obtaining FAA supplemental type certification by 2026.

Surf Air Mobility has strategic plans to deploy these hybrid electric Grand Caravans across its operational network, connecting various airports via short-haul direct services throughout the United States. This initiative aligns with their goal of establishing a regional mass transport platform that fosters sustainable community connectivity. Additionally, Surf Air will exclusively supply Textron Aviation with specific battery-electric and hybrid electric powertrain technologies for future factory iterations of the Cessna Grand Caravan.

Lannie O'Bannion, Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Flight Operations at Textron Aviation, emphasized the adaptability of the Cessna Caravan for both passenger and cargo operations, making it an ideal platform for electric and hybrid propulsion innovations. The exclusive partnership underscores Textron Aviation's commitment to advancing the future of sustainable aviation.
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