Wheels Up Expands Focus to Serve Small and Medium Businesses with "Up for Business" Initiative

Wheels Up Expands Focus to Serve Small and Medium Businesses with "Up for Business" Initiative

Wheels Up, following the implementation of new management and boosted financial support from Delta Air Lines, is shifting its market focus to cater to small and medium-sized businesses in addition to its services for private travelers. The company introduced the "Up for Business" initiative, targeting businesses with an annual private travel expenditure of at least $250,000. Wheels Up anticipates that its economies of scale will provide attractive financial options for such customers.

Furthermore, the company recognizes that private travelers primarily fly on weekends. By pursuing new corporate customers with weekday business travel schedules, Wheels Up aims to optimize its fleet's utility.

Robert Bourrier, Wheels Up's Executive VP for Global Sales, emphasized the importance of delivering tailored solutions to its members, rather than offering a one-size-fits-all approach. This approach allows Wheels Up to capture operational and financial advantages associated with balanced fleet utilization throughout the week.

As of November 1, Wheels Up is offering two programs dedicated to corporate travelers. The existing Custom Enterprise Solutions program is designed for larger businesses and high-volume individual travelers with annual investments exceeding $500,000. The newly introduced "Up for Business" program targets small and medium-sized corporate customers with annual budgets ranging from $250,000 to $300,000. This program features reduced deposit requirements, initiation fees, and annual dues, along with an 18-month contract term, round-trip discounts, and access to a second aircraft once per quarter.

Customers utilizing the "Up for Business" program and benefiting from Delta Air Lines' support will also receive frequent flyer benefits and have the option to use their Wheels Up deposit for Delta tickets. Bob Somers, Delta's Senior VP of Global Sales, emphasized the significance of the "Up for Business" customer segment within the overall business travel market, highlighting the partnership's commitment to providing exceptional service in both commercial and private aviation.

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